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Welcome to Truth through Christ Ministries. We are a Spirit filled, full gospel, non-denominational ministry dedicated to service in the tradition of the early church. We stress a relationship with Jesus rather than religion so that we can grow spiritually and discover the will of God for our lives and the church. We allow the Holy Spirit to lead in all that we do. We believe the church is about people, not buildings, and that the true church of Jesus Christ is all who believe in Him. Everyone has a purpose in the Lord with accompanying spiritual gifts which we actively pursue. We do not compromise the Word of God and our teachings are strictly in line with the Bible. We avoid the typical controls of religion while promoting the freedom in Christ that was originally intended for the church. This is a hands-on ministry in which all are welcome to participate. If you are tired of compromised churches and seriously searching for an intimate relationship with God, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. All are welcome!


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Every Sunday Evening at 6:00 PM

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